Find Your Balance Series: Convert Self-Doubt into Self-Confidence in 25 Minutes


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Want to make a change in your workplace and grow together? Well, we want to help! This course is great for teams looking to transform their mindsets to unlock new levels of success.

You’ve achieved a degree of success, but you are feeling unfulfilled.

You’re working your butt off with little to show for it…aside from stress and career stagnation. You’re done with feeling exhausted, stressed, and anxious all the time, and tired of watching others who are less qualified than you pass you by. You’ve tried to fix it on your own, but you’re still stuck.

In this class, you will learn why nothing has worked so far and what to do instead. You will learn how four simple, yet profoundly effective shifts will transform your career and life so you finally get the ease and career success that will make you feel proud, satisfied, and confident. When you implement these shifts, you’ll show up truly confident and influential in any conversation, so you get the career success and personal life you want.

In this class you will: 

  • Learn the four reasons why, despite all the books and podcasts and everything else you’ve tried, nothing has helped you fix your stress and stagnation.
  • Learn the four shifts you have to make if you want to impress decision-makers, get promoted, and feel more ease and confidence than ever before in your career.
  • Learn how to work 5-20 hours less per week, while you advance your reputation and career.

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Denise R. Green is a former Corporate Leader and the founder of Brilliance Inc. She’s coached thousands of leaders in the Silicon Valley/Bay Area and beyond, to fast-track their careers, create work-life balance, and step up to their brilliant potential. She helps talented people rise in their careers and become the most powerful, influential, confident, and joyful version of themselves. Originally from the US Midwest, Denise has lived most of her life in Oakland, California with her daughter, partner, and big, fluffy mutt, Andy.



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